How much money can your roof make you especially now that some of the Big 7 have increased our bills by such a large ammount?

Now is the cheapest Solar PV has ever been, still with amazing paybacks with the Feed-In-Tariff scheme (FIT’s).

There are 3 Benefits to homes with Solar PV Installed

  1. Generation tariff – the electricity supplier of your choice will pay you for each unit (kilowatt) of electricity you generate. The money that you get paid money is dependent on the size of system installed, orientation and pitch of roof, regardless whether you use any of what’s produced or not.
  2. Export tariff – if you generate electricity that you don’t use yourself, you can export it back to the grid. You will be paid for exporting electricity as an additional payment (on top of the generation tariff). This electric you produce for free gives you even more money.
  3. Energy bill savings – you won’t have to import as much electricity from your supplier because a proportion of what you use you will have generated yourself, you will see this impact on your  electricity bill. You will reduce your electric consumption by using the power you’re producing, giving you an additional saving and more money in your pocket.

If you add all three benefits together you get your total gross benefit as a whole.

With electricity prices sometimes higher than 17p / kWhr in some parts, an even better rate of return can now be had by installing Solar PV today.

We can install systems within a week, no hassle, no mess!

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